Master-student at International Community Health, University of Oslo are writing about their experiences as students and other topics they are interested in.


ingaInga is 26 years old and from the beautiful west coast of Norway. She holds a bachelors degree in public health and health promotion from the University of Bergen, including one semester at Makerere University in Uganda. She also have one year of intercultural understanding, focusing on east Africa.

“This semester I am going to be in Uganda. My fieldwork is about well-being and health care among child brides in rural Uganda.”

TinaTina is 35 years old, originally from Sweden but has lived 15 years in Norway. She has a bachelor degree in Nutrition.

“My primary research interest is child nutrition and especially undernutrition and micronutrient defeciencies, the topic of my master thesis is maternal mental health and child nutritional status in Nepal.”

alick150x200Alick Kayange is a Tanzanian student pursuing M.Phil International Community Healthy at the University of Oslo. He graduated from Muhimbili University College of Health Sciences (MUCHS) as a medical doctor seven years ago.

He has more than 10 years working experiences with children, adolescent and Youth including 4 years working with PASADA as the head in Pediatric HIV/AIDS care and treatment Unit.

“My main research interest is on Reproductive Health working more with adolescent girls and boys, TB/HIV, Palliative care and other marginalized groups. I also have interest in taking photo’s wherever I am using my camera for documentation purpose. In this blog, you will read about my experiences in children, adolescent and Youth’s health including the most vulnerable children (MVC).”

seniaSenia is 24 years old, originally from Western Sahara but was born and grew up in refugee camps in southwest Algeria:

“My main interest is refugees’ health and especially disability and displacement. But most importantly, I am passionate about understanding the interactions between health and illness in social contexts. In this blog, you will read about my experiences in this Masters program but you will also get a taste of passion for health and society.”

Nadia_150x200Nadia is a Norwegian medical doctor. She grew up in Oslo and is a graduate of Khyber Medical University, Khyber-Pukhtoonkhwa, Pakistan. She has worked as a doctor both in the north-west of Pakistan and in the north of Norway. Previously, she has been a youth leader in the Norwegian Red Cross. She is also the studentrepresentative at the Board of the Institute of Health and Society, Medical Faculty, University of Oslo.

“My research interests are global health and human rights for vulnerable groups. The tentative title of my current thesis is: “Why are children in the 33 districts of Pakistan with high incidence of poliomyelitis not protected against polio.”

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