Child marriage conference in Lusaka, Zambia.

When searching for literature and data about my topic, Child marriages, suddenly i came across a conference hosted my the African Union called «How to end child marriages and other harmful practices». I got SO excited, thats SO perfect. The conference was going to be in Addis Ababa in the beginning of September. I was like: it would not harm if i ask if i can join, but i´m not even expecting any reply. A week after I received an invitation from the African Union, and a recommendation to go to the Lusaka meeting in Zambia in stead of, because that would suit my topic better.

I love Africa sometimes. I bet that the EU wouldn’t even bother to answer my email. So now i´m in Zambia. Traveled for 12hours because i was late booking and suddenly in the taxi in Lusaka from the airport i realize that i don´t know anything about Zambia. Just that there is a nice place called Livingstone where you can see the Victoria falls from and that Zambia is a former British colony. Luckily the taxi driver was a cool guy called Derrick, who told me all about the politics of the country. They had 6 presidents since independence, from democratic elections, it´s seems like, but unfortunately two of them died. After finishing just half of their period. Due to something as undramatic as obesity, drinking, smoking – lifestyle diseases. Now i´v got a friend in Lusaka, Derrick is showing me the city next week.

Lusaka is really different from Kampala. Less chaotic, people drive more carefully, there is no boda bodas (motorcycle taxis). The city i´ v been told is quite big if you look at how far it stretches, but the city center does not really feel like a center. There is approximately 4 million people living here. The streets are wide and new, they have several HUGE fancy, modern shopping centers and its much dryer than east Africa. I kind of miss chaotic Kampala already. Though i do feel safer in traffic.

On monday the conference starts, it lasts for a week and i got it for free. Now i´ m at an overpriced backpacker place with a dirty pool and very nice staff. Tomorrow I’m traveling to  Livingstone, which is supposed to be a really nice small town 6 hours drive from Lusaka. This is actually the first time I’m traveling all by my self without knowing the place or any people. So far i really like it. Perhaps i will be SO lonely soon, but i guess there is always other people traveling alone who also (hopefully) wants company.


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