Some of the Challenges to know when going for field work

In the end of June 2014, I left Oslo to Tanzania for my field work. I remember when the day of departure came, I couldn’t believe that I was going to rejoin my family again after 10 months stays in Norway. Yes, I can tell you, Ihave enjoyed my stay in Tanzania especially being closer to my wife Faraja and beloved daughters Alice-Elizabeth, Jane-rose and Doreen-Faith. I have also enjoyed the whole process of data collection here in Tanzania and I am still working on my data collection. I have learned many things so far and through this engagement, I have pointed out several challenges that one need to understand and try to see how he/she can overcome especially when doing field work in the home country.

  • Finding out research participants
  • Distraction from family-social issues around the community which may cause loose in focus
  • Time management especially from the study participants (Late arrivals) due to many factors including traffic jam etc
  • Long wait of clearance from the ethical committees in developing countries
  • Costs
  • Telephone Communication with study participants (Wrong numbers or using relatives ‘phone number)
  • Distance from where the study participants come from to the study sites


Alick Kayange, Faraja, Alice-Elizabeth, Jane-Rose, Doreen-faith and their maid Fauster

I here urge my colleagues in ICH 2014 to carefully consider these challenges related to the field work and try to see how they can overcome them from June 2015.


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