Are you new student in international community health class 2015?

Dear first year students from around the world, welcome in Norway, welcome at the University of Oslo, welcome at the faculty of medicine, welcome at the department of community medicine and welcome at the international community health class 2015. This month reminds me one year ago when I arrived at the University of Oslo, which is one of the best and beautiful universities in the world. It was the time when I met friends from around the world forming the ICH 2014 class, yes ICH 2014 class being one of the best classes ever attended in my lifetime.

As a second year student (ICH2014), former class representative, and the current president of Tanzanian students studying in Norway, I would like to urge you on two important things; good communication and good study plan.

With my little experience I have learned that, sometime communications between two people who come from different background may pose a great challenge.  Not in term of language, but in term of how one can make good rapport with another one. This is because in a group of students, there must be some who are easily angered, some who has high capacity of jokes etc. it’s good to take time to learn from each other and see the weakness of the other as an opportunity to help. Try to learn how to communicate with each other. It’s good to remember that, you all come from different background and always there is variation in characters. It’s good to bear with each other in love and unity. I repeat again, see the weakness of the other as an opportunity to help and not suppress, humiliate and shout to each other. You may even create class face book account to help communication among each other to facilitate easy sharing of information and other experiences.

One may also think two years is very long time and there is enough time. Yes this might be true but on the other hand it’s not. The only thing I can advise you is to have a good plan of your study. Start thinking what you want to accomplish after your studies especially in the area of research. Invest your time on it and make sure every subject you get from teachers is linked to your study plan. This will be even become much useful during the time of proposal development. Try as much as you can to cooperate with your classmates (team work) and teachers so that all of you sail in the same boats. Feel good to help your friend and feel bad when you see your colleague do not understand something. If you are introvert try at least learn to be extrovert to some degree.

Once again on behalf of other ICH blogger, I would like to welcome you at the University of Oslo. I am still in Tanzania for field work and at the same time enjoying my summer holiday with my family. Stay safe and enjoy your stay.