Welcome back to Oslo, and let’s start this semester with triumphal beginning.

December was the month full of many activities to majority of us as it was the time of ending the semester accompanied by number of exams. Similarly, it was the month when all students started their holiday. When holiday approached, everyone was eager to travel and meet their loved ones (parents, wives, husbands, children and friends). To others was the time to move around at different parts of the word at least to refresh and relives off the burnout from tiresome semester. It’s my great hope each one of us enjoyed the holidays to the fullest.

To some of us, remaining in Oslo was real an exciting moment to learn how this other part of the world celebrates their festive season. Many activities were taking place across the country in celebration of Christmas and New Year. In Norwegian, Merry Christmas is ‘God Jul’, which is spelled as “Gu yul”. I don’t remember how many times I spelled out “Gu yul” to everyone I met around, Ah! It was real exciting. It was the time to experience an awesome Norwegian Christmas flavors by eating special cakes and biscuits which can be taken together with a precious drink called Gløgg which is a spicy drink normally saved warm. Other foods were nuts, chocolates, clementines and Clove orange. The city was well decorated with Christmas trees, lightings, stars, angels, light candles and tables in houses covered by bright red color cloth. Red and white were the color of the month to me. One of the exciting moments I had was to meet Santa Claus down town Oslo who was distributing prizes to people. It was real amazing.

Ok!!, the festive season is over and now is 2014, a new semester. It’s the year of new beginning, hoping me and you have fully recharged to conquer this semester with great success. To some of us it’s the second semester, and to others it’s their fourth semester (last semester). It’s my great expectation to see each one of us use this semester to strengthen our relationships and friendships as students, to get more new friends, have funny together, and enjoy studies and our stay at the University of Oslo. To the finalist, I wish you a pleasant semester as you write your thesis in completion of your studies. I hope we will get more experiences from you regarding to proposal development, data collection and analysis. Please don’t hesitate sharing your experience with us.