Hospital visit and security issues

The road that passes by Naseer Teaching Hospital leads to Mohmand Agency. Mohmand Agegncy is situated in Federally Administred Tribal Areas (F.A.T.A). When I visited the hospital yesterday several of the nurses told me that they were visited by “vaccination people” regularly and asked to fill out forms, but unlike me those people were surrounded by armed guards. They told me it was unusual to see someone coming with questionnaires who were not accompanied by security guards. I was surprised by the comment and did not know what to say. Later I asked my uncle about this and he told me that kidnapping happened regularly and that certain “organizations” had informers everywhere. It sent chills down my spine and I am honestly a little shaken now.

One of my cousins is an officer the Pakistani army. He was one of the officers leading the Swat Operation. He gave us multiple warnings about moving too freely around.


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